Azienda Agricola La Raia

The quality of the environment is the foundation for quality wine

We make two qualities of Gavi D.O.C.G and of Barbera: Gavi Classico and Gavi Pisé, which is left on the lees for six months, Barbera Piemonte and Barbera Largé, which is aged in barrique for 18 months and continues to age well in the bottle.
In 2003 Giorgio Rossi Cairo bought the La Raia, Cascina del Melo and Cascina Bergaglio estates creating a single 110 hectares estate. La Raia now comprises 25 hectares of vineyard, 55 of fields and 30 of original oak, chestnut, elderflower and acacia woodland.
Today La Raia is managed by Caterina Rossi Cairo and Tom Dean who live there with their toddlers, Matthias, Elena and Arianna.

New winery, traditional methods

La Raia’s new winery, covering over 2500 square meters, is a building made unique by its design and by the technological solutions employed.
Created by architect Ivana Porfiri, it is a flagship for the whole of Piedmont and a good example of how technology, tradition and design can be combined. Among the building’s peculiarities are a huge crystal façade housing the stainless steel tanks and a rammed clay wall sheltering the winemaking equipment. In building the wall, the first of its kind in Italy, the ancient Pisé technique was employed.

Many buildings in the Gavi area were in fact originally constructed with clay, but in recent years knowledge of this technique had been lost. In Northern Europe, however, rammed earth has been reintroduced, and many museums, buildings and congress centres boast splendid clay walls. Austrian Martin Rauch - who pioneered modern technical applications for traditional rammed earth construction - helped us complete this demanding project.

The biodynamic organic approach

At La Raia we believe that the quality of our produce results from the quality of the environment: nature yields its most vibrant and flavourful fruit when farmed using the biodynamic organic approach – dispensing with pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer

Throughout the agricultural year we guide our vines towards the production of quality grapes, brimming with intense and genuine flavour.
Our plants have an authentic relationship with the land and their roots capture the uniqueness of each site.
This careful management of the vineyards and the choice of having limited yields exalt the quality of our Cortese and Barbera grapes.

We cultivate legumes, cereals and fodder on our fields using crop rotation methods: the alternation of harvests allows the soil to enhance its fertility naturally.

We cherish our land and care for it with passion, dedication and hard work.
Because we love to cultivate it, to live on it and to share it, we also organise summer camps for children - to develop their creativity in unison with the appreciation and understanding of nature

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Barbera DocG (BIO)

Afbeelding van Barbera DocG (BIO)
Deze kwaliteitswijn uit Piemonte op basis van de Barbera druif past door zijn brede karakter bij iedere maaltijd.

Barbera Large DocG (BIO)

Afbeelding van Barbera Large DocG (BIO)
Voor deze Barbera wordt een selectie van de beste planten van oude wijngaarden uit de regio Piemonte gebruikt.


Afbeelding van Gavi DocG (BIO/BIODYNAMISCH)
Deze kwaliteitswijn uit Piemonte gemaakt van de Cortese druif is zeer geschikt als aperitief maar past ook prima bij frisse salades, asperges, paddenstoelrisotto, rauwe ham en voorgerechten met vis.